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At CBT Healthcare, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy you and I can work together to achieve an understanding of:

Based on the understanding of each of your individual problems, you and I can then work together to identify goals and to agree a shared treatment plan. The focus of CBT is to enable you to generate solutions to your problems that are more helpful than your present ways of coping. This often involves spending time trying things out between therapy sessions.

How do I get started?

First of all, get in touch via the contact form below or give me a phone. We can then arrange a day and time for our first session.
Phone me on 07709 998704

What should I expect?

CBT sessions can be done face-to-face in the clinic, over the phone or via a video call. All sessions are completely 100% confidential.

How can I pay?

I will email you details explaining how you can pay in advance via Bank Transfer.
Individuals £75
Couples £75


Anxiety and Stress

During March 2008 I found myself visiting my Dr, as had been really struggling with lots of different things and was prescribed an anti-depressant. On the way out the Dr mentioned that perhaps I should investigate CBT.

Not knowing what CBT was I looked it up and found Judith , the story on her site about the man who was asked to... Read more

Help with OCD

I had suffered with OCD for many years, having disturbing intrusive thoughts not knowing what was wrong with me. I found the courage to seek help and my doctor put me in touch with Judith.

I was very nervous at the first session... Read more


I have attended Judith for counselling sessions twice over the past few years, choosing to return to her as she had been so helpful.

She immediately put me at ease, was kind and empathic, and I always felt... Read more

Depression, relationship issues and trauma

I have attended Judith’s CBT practice off and on for a few years now, having had over 30 sessions in total. During this time she has helped me greatly to identify and deal with many unpleasant areas of my life... Read more

Help with anxiety and OCD

I have attended therapy sessions with Judith on and off over quite a number of years for help with anxiety and OCD. There have been times when I've arrived at my session in a high state of anxiety but on each occasion... Read more

Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Health Anxiety

I started seeing Judith when I was 17, nearing 18. I was in a bad place mentally and had seen multiple therapists but had not felt comfortable with any of them. However, I clicked with Judith straight away... Read more

Eating Disorder help

I sought Judith’s advice because I needed to rehabilitate my thinking in relation to an Eating Disorder, involving excessive exercise.

Judith quickly discerned my underlying issues of which I was totally... Read more

Social anxiety and perfectionism

After Judith was recommended to me by a relative I began to attend weekly sessions with her to help with my anxiety, finding balance and dealing with being overwhelmed with university life.

Judith has really helped me in exactly the right way... Read more

Judith Houghton