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Testimonial 1

I have learned so so much over the years
about “strategies” “tools” and a whole lot more

During March 2008 I found myself visiting my Dr, as had been really struggling with lots of different things and was prescribed an anti-depressant. On the way out the Dr mentioned that perhaps I should investigate CBT.

Not knowing what CBT was I looked it up and found Judith , the story on her site about the man who was asked to do a report by his boss, produced the report, and found when he handed it in his boss was distracted and asked him to review it ,as there were bits which could be improved. The man was gutted, his thoughts were … his boss didn’t rate the report, what was he to do? Reality was his boss had had bad news that day ( reason he was distracted ) and he really liked the report and wanted to put it forward for recommendation but it needed a few tweaks.

That may not be word for word but the meaning is correct. That was me ……… always thinking the negative. Assuming things which were actually not correct, causing myself huge amounts of stress thinking I was not good enough.

“Over compensation “ ( a Judith word) was how I lived my life………. Friends coming for supper - I made 6 starters and 6 main course in case I made something they didn’t like. Going out my way to please, which may look on the outside as being kind, but it caused me a huge amount of stress just in case it was not good enough.

Feeling threatened by my mother in law in case my husband loved her more than me. I sabotaged ( another Judith word). I would make sure I organised something to do with my husband on a date or time when I knew it would encroach on a regular Saturday coffee date they had. If I was turned down, I made my husband feel bad. When he chose his mother it put me further into the depths of depression feeling I was not god enough.

I tested people ( another Judith word) , probably similar to sabotage really, setting up a situation knowing it would leave a family member or friend with a dilemma , and it was a failure if it did not go my way. I was not good enough.

I have learned so so much over the years about “strategies” “ tools” and a whole lot more. I have learned to like myself. I have learned so much I can now identify when other people have “issues”, and that it is not always me who is the negative person.

I became my mother in laws best friend in her latter years as I understood the relationship between mother and son is very different to husband and wife. I treasure I was able to be that friend to her.

I am a business owner, and have been for 35 years plus, the business is successful. Never in company would I introduce myself as the business owner of XXXX, always or mostly I was the sister of……………. Who I thought would be far more known than me because he also has a successful business. This would avoid them saying “Who?” “ What business” and me feeling a failure.

I could write a book, and I hope you may relate to a little of what I am telling you about. The biggest thing I can say is that Judith has changed my life, my biggest regret I did not go to see her sooner ( like when I was 10 😊) I am the happiest I have ever been and it is with a huge help from sharing things with Judith.

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BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Judith Houghton is a member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists and accredited continuously since 1997.

Member of BABCP Scotland Branch Committee

Judith has been a member of the BABCP Scottish branch since 2007. In that time she has been secretary from 2014 - 2017. She was Chairperson from 2017 to 2023. She is an active member of the committee and assists in organising training events for Continuous Professional Development in Scotland.

Experienced in a wide variety of settings

Judith has worked as an Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for the last 23 years in a wide variety of settings including two Eating Disorders Services, GP Medical Practice, psychiatric multi disciplinary team, counselling services, private practice and both private and NHS occupational health.

Private Practice

Judith specialised in Eating Disorders for a significant part of her early career, before switching focus to more generic work and has successfully grown her own private practice since 2006.

Judith Houghton, Therapist